Vision Ireland

Church Planting

Vision Ireland is all about pioneer evangelism in the English language in a cross cultural setting reaching all ages

About Us

County Donegal is the focus especially between Dunfanaghy and Ardara.

The majority population are devoted Catholics living in this rural area.

The evangelism is PIONEER as there has been little Gospel Outreach for centuries.

The setting is CROSS CULTURAL since all speak English but many also love to speak Irish and naturally have their own culture.

The Gospel is for ALL AGES. The challenge is to reach everybody.

Alan and Rosemary Armstrong have served as missionaries in Europe for 35 years.

As the burden for NW Donegal grew a registered charity Vision Ireland was established to oversee the work and enable it to grow.

Planting A Church

Our steps to Planting a Church - not a building but a group of Believers worshiping and serving Christ.

  • We begin by making real friends.
  • Next we present the claims of Christ
  • Then encourage personal & group Bible study
  • We continue to Disciple and train
  • All the while encouraging the group to reach out to others
  • Groups would combine and a Church would be established.
  • Leaders would be identified
  • The group would become autonomous and choose its affiliation

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